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School System

School System in the Czech Republic, Great Britain and The USA
(school attendance, favourite subjects, importance of education, British and American systems of education, future plans)

1) About schools
•    in CR compulsory attendance from the age of 6 to 15
•    school year divided into two terms (September – January, February – June)
•    start at 8, lesson 45 minutes long, break 10 or 20 minutes long
•    marks from 1 to 5, school report for each term

2) Grades of education
•    pre-school education
o    créches, 1 – 3 years
o    kindergartens, 3 – 6 years
•    primary education, compulsory
o    1st degree, 1st to 5th class, four R’s – reading, writing, arithmetic, drawing
o    2nd degree, 6th to 9th class, Czech grammar and literature, English or German, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, civics, PE, music education, drawing
o    special classes on 2nd degree – mathematical, sporting
•    secondary education
o    grammar schools   general education for university studying
o    secondary special schools  secondary technical school of civil engineering, of machinery  secondary schools for health workers, of agriculture   academies of commerce
o    apprentice training centres   training for practical jobs
•    tertiary education
o    universities and colleges, lasts 4 to 6 years
o    Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Technical University of Brno
o    can study economists, foreign trade, architecture, law, journalism, the humanities, foreign languages, medicine, science, music, art, drama, engineering, computer science, ...
o    three degrees (medicine in sum 6 years)  bachelor’s degree (3 years)master’s degree (2 years)  doctoral degree (individual)

3) Education in GB
•    primary from 5th to 10th year
•    secondary begins at the age of 11
•    “sixth form”, GCSE exams (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
•    universities (student must have >2 good grades at A-level of GCSE), e. g. Oxford, Cambridge

4) Education in the USA
•    elementary schools from 6th to 12th year
•    Junior High School (from 12 to 15), Senior High School (from 15 to 18)
•    over 2000 universities and colleges, e. g. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Caltech

5) Attended schools and my plans
•    basic school
•    accepted at grammar school
•    would like to pass graduation exams at grammar school
•    would like to study which university, for master’s degree

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