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This film is a war drama. It is in 80’s and 90’s years of 18th century when 13 American colonies want to separate from Great Britain and they fight because of it. On July 4, 1776 Congress accepted Declaration of Independence but Great Britain did not accept it and sent soldiers to American colonies.
In the beginning Benjamin Martin is father of wonderful family, he lives with his 7 children on his farm. But war starts and his oldest children Gabriel enters the forces. Martin was in war and he does not go there, because he knows what it is.
One day Gabriel returns but because of the war is in front of their farm. At the morning Martin nurses American and British soldiers too. But colonel Tavigton (British army) burns his farm, kills his second oldest son Thomas and he wants to halter Gabriel. Martin kills all soldiers and he sets free Gabriel, when they lead away him.
Aunt Charlotte looks after the children and Martin and Gabriel go to war. Martin becomes a colonel and he and Gabriel try to get soldiers for home defence. Gabriel meets his love. He is married her.
Home defence with Martin win a lot of battles and Tavington’s major is angry. He lets Tavington hurts the home defence’s families and Tavington kills them and Gabriels’s wife too.
Gabriel and the other men are angry and they aggress on Tavington and his soldiers. They fight and Tavington kills Gabriel.
The last and the biggest battle is in Yorktown, where Americans win. After that the French come and help Americans. The war is over and all of them are starting new life.

Mel Gibson (Benjamin Martin) is excellent actor; he is great like a father, like a patriot and like soldier. You believe him, he loves his family, he likes his friends and he is furious avenger.
Heath Ledger (Gabriel Martin) is in background of Mel Gibson, only like a son of 7 children, but after that he fallen in love and there he starts to be important not only like a son but like a husband of one girl and the other family.
Jason Isaacs (colonel Tavigton) is demonology, he makes everything for success and satisfaction with dead pan and sometimes I thought, he is immortal but at the end he died (thank God!).
Joely Richardson (aunt Charlotte), she is wonderful and unwed woman (untypical in this time), who look after sister’s children and fallen in love with Martin. She is loving and brave mother all film.
Dialogues were funny, realistic and now and then emotive or instructive.
There are wonderful houses, churches and all villages, costumes are excellent and the big crowd is great.
I have read about it and it says: It is stupid, false and romantic drama where Mel Gibson argues into all Americans and they won. It is only for Americans.
I don’t think so it is wonderful part of history. It is not documentary film about war; it is drama and war film. The man, who lost 2 sons and a lot of friends, he wants win for better future. He wants to defeat men who are bad people and avenges oneself.
In this film, there is something for everybody: romantic, patriotism, action, funny, exciting and so one. I can recommend it.

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